A standard Wired installation will include

  • Digital Compatible Aerial – Compliant to CAI Standards
  • Mast & brackets of high quality materials
  • High Quality Coaxial Cable
  • Digital Signal Meter used to assure the best signal for your area
  • All Wired Installations are Digital Switchover Compliant
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • Local company and no middle man – ensuring the best price for you
Wired are experts at TV aerial installation.

What is Freeview?

Freeview TV gives you the ability to receive numerous television channels through a TV aerial. To receive the Freeview channels, you will need an aerial that is up to the job (Freeview channels are digital and your aerial needs to be able to receive the signal) and also a Freeview box or TV with integrated Freeview/Digital tuner. In a nutshell, over 100 services (TV, radio, text etc) with no subscription fees.

Does my aerial need upgrading?

This depends on several factors, which include where you live, your local transmitter and the type/condition of your existing aerial. Cambridge and Newmarket generally come off Sandy Heath transmitter and sadly we are on the edge of the transmission so we generally need to update aerials in this area. Bury St Edmund is generally off Tacolneston/Sudbury transmitter and again are on the edge so more often than not need an aerial upgrade.

Should I get Freesat?

BBC, ITV and many other broadcasters now offer a subscription free service offering over 180 digital channels. Freesat also offers a range of free High Definition (HD) channels as well as digital subtitles and user interactivity.

Freesat offers a wide range of channels including Film Four, More 4, BBC Three, BBC Four, ITV2, ITV3 and many more. If you have a High Definition (HD) TV then you can also watch some channels in HD with your Freesat installation.

If you are in an area where you struggle to receive a decent aerial signal for Freeview, don’t despair as Freesat is an excellent alternative – it works via a small satellite dish similar to Sky.

For freesat to work, you simply need a freesat digital box or a freesat enabled TV as well as a satellite dish to accept the freesat satellite signal. Our professional installation team can provide everything you need to get started!

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